POX Vaccine 1000 doses (live virus)

POX Vaccine 1000 doses (live virus)


Please be sure when ordering vaccines, We must ship all vaccines via
2nd day air or Next day air shipping! UPS ONLY!

This vaccine is (Made in USA) recommended for the vaccination of pigeons between 4 ~16 weeks of age in the prevention of infectious fowl POX. Use entire vial contents when first opened. Store vaccine at 35 ~ 45 F (2 ~7 C), Do not freeze!

Pigeon Pox is a virus and there is no medicine to treat it. The Pox must run it’s course naturally in about 4 - 6 weeks. 

This vaccine is a live virus. If you have a Pox outbreak you have several options. Pox itself will not kill a pigeon, they will look terrible but the real problem is from secondary diseases. The worse case scenario is contracting Canker along with the Pox. 

To prevent this from happening, use 1/4 of a Canker tablet daily for 6 days. After finishing the 6 days, put the birds on Albon for 7 days.

When you specify 2nd day air shipping (which is the most cost-effective choice for vaccines), we ship them only on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays. Vaccines shipped on Thursdays must be shipped overnight. We do not ship vaccines on Fridays unless the customer requests a Saturday delivery.

If you have questions about making an online vaccine order, please call us or send a email!(SYRINGE sold under equipment tab!) 

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