Tollisan Quick 500 ml

Tollisan Quick 500 ml


Quick iodine iron complex

Increased performance by iodine & Iron

With a supplement of Quick (iodine and iron) you can increase the performance of pigeons. Stimulation of the thyroid function increases endurance and, in a compound with iron, leads to more speed. In combination with Dosto-Oregano Liquid 12% amazing results are possible with the pigeons, especially with the young birds.
Young pigeons supplied with Quick and Dosto-Oregano Liquid 12% burst with health and feel like inflated balloons. Breeders that have problems with young bird sickness every year should give this method a try-out. Quick and Dosto-Oregano can also be given via the feed.


During racing season, moulting and breeding 2 x a week 10 ml into 1 liter of drinking water or 1 kg of feed.

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