VanHee Vanergy 500 gram

VanHee Vanergy 500 gram



– energy booster - Supplement animal feed for pigeons.

- For a maximum energy storage and increase of the endurance. 

- Supports the muscle formation and improves the condition, helps to convert the stored fats into energy.

- For a fast recuperation, already during and after the flight.

- Is nerves strengthening, reduces fatigue and improves the absorption and the use of sugars.

- Chlorella, an alga, reinforces the immune system, supports the intestinal flora and the fertility, and purifies the blood. 

Is a source of vitamins, minerals, proteins and chlorophyll.

- Improves the oxygen absorption.

1 tablespoon per kg feed:

- Youngsters during the growth: twice a week.

- During the flight season: start 10 days before the flight season, 3 times a week. Moisten using Van-Oliemix.

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