Rohnfried Rozitol 50 ML

Rohnfried Rozitol 50 ML


As we know for a long time, the pigeonoriented in their home region even after the sense of smell. It is therefore important

that the pigeons will be sent with free airways to the races. Rozitol cleans the nose and promotes the segregation

of fixed mucus. Old mucus and dust is being liquefied and then swallowed by the pigeons or remotely via cotton swab.

Recommended Use:

Application: 1 to 2 drops per nostril or 30 drops per liter of water.

Breeding Pigeon: 14 days prior to pairing

Racing pigeons: 14 days before the first free flight; 14 days before the training races; 3-4 times per season 6 days before important races.

Youngsters: always after recovering of the Young Bird Sickness. 14 days before the first training.

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