Natural Electrolit 240 gram

Natural Electrolit 240 gram


The heightened metabolism and substantial exertion of the pigeon in flight result in numerous waste products. 

In the elimination of urea, uric and phosphoric acid, lactic and carbonic acid, mainly sodium ions are consumed and elimination is therefore dependent on the quantity of these ions available to the pigeon. Water loss is also appreciable during flight.

For all these reasons it is important to give pigeons Natural Electrolit on their return from a race.

This energy-drink effectively compensates water and electrolyte depletion and progressively restores the acid-base equilibrium. 

It also represents an immediate energy gain (glucose), which markedly shortens the recovery period.

Diseases such as adenovirosis and paramyxovirosis cause diarrhoea resulting in a major loss of minerals and water loss. 

Natural Electrolit prevents dehydration caused by diarrhoea and accelerates the recovery from a disease.

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