GEM Strike II 200 gram

GEM Strike II 200 gram


It’s not an antibiotic but a unique combination of natural plant derived sulphur containing compounds and avian specific lactic acid bacteria. 

Strike II added a prebiotic, natural sugars called Fructooligosaccharides. (FOS)

We have also added the very important amino acid L-Glutamine a major source of cell energy; it carries nitrogen in body tissues. 

In addition Glutamine stimulates the immune system and promotes maintenance and repair of the gastro-intestinal tract.

Breeding, ill health and of course racing are some of the times stress can become a real problem. During the time Strike II comes into play. At the first sign of problems reach for Strike II.

Strike II should be used every time the birds come back from a race, this is important because birds can often bring problems back as they have come into close contact with other birds.

Excellent in combination with Gemthepax.

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