Rohnfried Entrobac 600 g

Rohnfried Entrobac 600 g


A feed supplements for pigeons. It contains probiotic bacteria and special prebiotics that are needed to populate the intestinal flora as best as possible. Entrobac is ideal for restoring the intestinal flora during or after strains, change in feed, stressful phases and treatments. The bacterial strain contained in it is stable against many antibiotics and therefore Entrobac is perfectly suited to restore the intestine during and after antibiotics treatment. Entrobac promotes a healthy gut flora, strengthens the immune system and represses harmful germs such as E. coli, salmonella and clostridia. The bacteria also produce metabolites that act against fungi.

Feeding recommendation:

In general: 5 g (1 measuring spoon) per 1 kg feed or per 1 liter drinking water

Racing season: For 2 days after the flight.

Moult & breeding: 2 times a week

Young pigeons: 2 days before and 2 days after each show flight and prize flight

After treatments: 10 g (2 measuring spoons) per 1 kg feed.

To restore the gut flora after treatments, always feed for several days in a row.

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