Belgica De Weerd BelgaBac 100g

Belgica De Weerd BelgaBac 100g


BelgaBac is a highly concentrated water-soluble powder of probiotic electrolytes which improves the intestinal balance by reactivating and increasing the intestinal flora. 

BelgaBac rebuilds the micro flora after antibiotic treatments and after vaccinations. It also stimulates the immune system and prevents the pigeons from stress. 


In all cases of intestinal disorder (bad droppings). BelgaBac suppresses the growth of pathogen bacteria, and is also effective in cases of stress, after treatments with antibiotics and vaccinations. 


2 measuring spoons per ½ Gallon of water, or over 2 lbs of grain 2 times per week. During stress situations the dosage must be doubled and given for 5 days.

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