Backs Omega Plus Oil 500 ml

Backs Omega Plus Oil 500 ml


Backs Omega-Plus-Oil was developed based on the latest scientific knowledge in the feeding of pigeons. It is a mixture from different oils and lecithin.

INDICATIONS: - slow down the inflammation - support the functioning of the body - stimulate the functioning and the development of the brains of our pigeons - take care of soft and smooth feathers - favour the functioning of hart and blood vessels - have positive influence on the development of the young pigeons - stimulate the fertility

COMPOSITION: - Soy oil, - Linseed oil, - Hempseed oil, - Walnut oil, - Cod liver oil, - Propylene glycol - Lecithin USE: - It is appropriate to give Omega-Plus-Oil the hole year through 2 - 3 times a week. - During the racing season it is recommended to administer it the last days before basketing. DOSAGE: - 5 ml for 20 pigeons once a day over the feed

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