Rohnfried Gervit-W 500 ML

Rohnfried Gervit-W 500 ML


Gervit W® is 18 vitamins suitable for administration in the drinking water or grain feed to rectify food-related vitamin deficiencies (only grain feed) during breeding, the racing period, the moult, the show period and the cold seasons.

Feeding recommendation:

Gervit W® is given during the breeding and racing period 2 times a week, 2 full screw caps = 10 ml Gervit W® with 2

liters of water or 1.5 kg grain feed. During the rest of the time, giving Gervit W® once a week is enough. To meet increased

vitamin needs, administer Gervit W® several times a week. Do not give Gervit W® during the journey season

on day the of a flight. Copper and iron troughs can have a negative effect on the shelf life of the vitamins.

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