Pigeon Vitality Improver 125 g

Pigeon Vitality Improver 125 g


A unique world-wide patent-protected product (synergistic effects from natural organic acids B-vitamins). Lowering the pH of the drinking water and thereby protects your pigeons against bacterial diseases and parasites spreading through the drinking water.

Suppress bacterial diseases such as: 

  • E-coli

  • Paratyphoid

  • Salmonella

  • Trichinosis Gallivant (Canker)

  • – and more!

The lowering of pH and the synergistic effect from B-vitamins

Improve the pigeon’s performance throughout the year

Improves resistance against Adeno virus/ Young Bird Diseases


  • One measure spoon (2 gr) per 4 liters of water.

    2-3 days a weeks or 5 successive days after treatment with antibiotics.

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