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Growing up in Asia with limited space, Paul could only dream of one day owning his own set of pedigree homing pigeons.  He had an immediate love and appreciation for these intelligent birds. Without some of the luxury of his peers, he had to learn early on what was needed to improve the navigational efficiency of these birds and improve their performance. After working in a different industry (automotive) for many years, he finally decided it was time to start his passion project, Ace Pigeons. He was determined to provide the best quality bird products to other enthusiasts and share his knowledge and experience.

Over the years, he discovered it was crucial to provide the best ingredients to the birds -while they were young- in order to enhance their wellness and quality. This initial step was an  important technique necessary for these birds to have the drive and heart to break records!

It has been a long journey and he is close to mastering the art after 40+ years of reading countless books, exchanging ideas with other breeders and visiting international homing pigeon champions.

For more information and photos, check out the Ace Pigeons Loft page. (COMING SOON!)